In 2021, the Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies (SEEPS) launched a new event called the SEEPS Camp.

The purpose of the Camp is to bring together a small group of outstanding PhD students and young researchers who will lead the SEEPS in the future and to provide them with opportunities to interact with each other. The SEEPS Camp is expected to be a platform for young researchers who engage in environmental economics and policy studies to meet and encourage each other.


Appication for the SEEPS camp 2022 (held on March 17 and 18, 2022) was closed.


Past SEEPS Camps

SEEPS Camp 2023

Application guideline 2023 | Program 2023 



前野 啓太郎 Keitaro Maeno (Kyushu University)
Jinmahn Jo (University of California, Davis)
Manuela Gertrud Hartwig (National Institute for Environmental Studies)
柯 宜均 Yi-Chun Ko (Asian Growth Research Institute)
王 佳星 Jiaxing Wang (Sapporo GakuinUniversity)
古賀 勇人 Hayato Koga (The University of Manchester)
肖 俊彬 Junbin Xiao (Tohoku University)
Xiao Jia (Kobe University)
Ifedotun Aina (University of Cape Town)

SEEPS Camp 2022

Application guideline 2022 | Program 2022 



阿部 景太 Keita Abe (Norwegian School of Economics)
Joseph Jr. Aduba (Ritsumeikan University)
Saiful Arefeen (Ritsumeikan University)
Nur Firdaus (Indonesia National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) and Kyoto University)
熊丸 博隆 Hirotaka Kumamaru (Kobe University)
京井 尋佑 Shinsuke Kyoi (Kyoto University)
李 金松 Jinsong Li (Kobe University)
豆野 皓太 Kota Mameno (Tohoku University)
Aline Mortha (Waseda University)
中川 真穂 Maho Nakagawa (University of Strasbourg)

SEEPS Camp 2021

Application guideline 2021 | Program 2021 



Thanh Tam Ho (Ritsumeikan University)
片桐 究 Kiwamu Katagiri (Tohoku University)
馬 騰 Teng Ma (Kyoto University)
元橋 一輝 Kazuki Motohashi(Tufts University)
野村 魁 Kai Nomura (Tohoku University)
嶌田 栄樹 Hideki Shimada (Kyoto University)
David Wolf (Kobe University)
山崎 晃生 Akio Yamazaki (National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (GRIPS)
楊 潔 Jie Yang (Toyama University)
張 喬 Qiao Zhang (Utsunomiya University)